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Showcallers are kind of a big deal

“Showcalling” is central to the success of an event. A showcaller is like a “Conductor” who synchronises its orchestra to play to time and rhythm. A showcaller is sometimes confused with the event producer or event manager who’s role it is to scope the agenda, book the technical supplier and co-ordinate the content. Events have become increasingly complex with ever evolving technology, and ever decreasing timelines and budgets. There are many moving parts to the event which need to be managed and directed. That is where we step in.

How we do it

A showcaller will create and follow a ‘show flow’ which details a very aspect of the show. They will brief and rehearse anyone involved in the event team and then ‘call’ the cues so that every element is delivered seamlessly. A good Showcaller can turn up to an event “cold”, be briefed and then “direct the traffic” to deliver the event. We are the leader of the pack on “comms” and thus have ultimate control during the show.

Showcaller London | Freelance corporate showcaller

Where is the showcaller based during an event

You will generally find the person showcalling sitting alongside the AV technicians in the technical console area, control room, or “behind the desk” at the back of the event space. We need to have a clear view of everything going on so we can make sure the screens are showing the correct content, hear the sound and check the lighting levels, reacting to what takes place live and ensuring these elements support those on stage.

What if it all goes wrong?

Live events have been known to throw the odd curve ball for crew. If things don’t go to plan the quality of the showcalling will be evident. Someone has to stand up and take charge. If they are good at showcalling, no one will notice the blunder or it will be smoothed to be as unnoticeable as possible.

The Voice of God

A showcaller is often asked to double up as the “voice of god” for key announcements to the audience through the event. These may be live announcements ‘on the fly’ or pre-recorded. I would always advise a professional is booked for this but am more than happy to help with some simple VOGs where possible. 

A picture speaks 1000 words

We have worked on many awe-inspiring events catering for audiences from 20 to 20,000 in cities all over the UK and countries all over the world. Our event portfolio spreads over a variety of sectors including pharma, automotive, telecoms, financial services, large scale musical and sporting events. Feel free to have a browse through some of our more recent projects

Google Play, Berlin

Showcaller London | Freelance corporate showcaller

Rugby World Cup, Twickenham

Showcaller London | Freelance corporate showcaller

THREE mobile, ExCel

Looking for something else?

Having worked with many teams of fantastic crew, talent and agencies we are more than happy
to recommend other freelance event professionals that your production may require.