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Having worked in the industry for many years I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some fantastic event professionals. It is vital you construct the best team for the job and I am more than happy to help you cherry pick the optimum crew to meet your event requirements. Some of the roles you may be looking for include:


Event Producers are the people in charge of a whole event. They supervise and coordinate all aspects of an event. This can include developing concepts and ideas for the event, overseeing operations, booking and directing staff and coordinating technical and production aspects.

Stage Manager

A Stage manager has several key responsibilities. They are stationed on or around the stage and are expected to manage the talent getting to and from the stage, changing stage furniture and generally standing by to help anyone on stage who experiences any difficulties.

Graphics Operator

A graphics operator is often responsible for producing the on screen graphics and operating any systems delivering the content to screen throughout the show. It is their job to check any content delivered by speakers for formatting and make sure buffers are in place in case a presenter skips too many slides.

Head of Vision

The head of vision or ‘switcher’ is in charge of feeding the correct content to desired screens. Some events can have multiple feeds that need to be displayed in a variety of presets.

Camera Operator

Cameras can be fixed or roaming within an event space and a camera man is often required to pick up specific shots throughout a show as directed by the Camera Director. The showcaller will then throw the mixed feed to screen as necassary.

Vision Mixer

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A camera director or vision mixer directs the camera operators and selects which shot is the most suitable to feed to the screen at any given time.

Sound technician

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A sound technician will operate a sound desk and make sure sound is fed to the chosen speakers, at a suitable volume, from any microphone, video, music track, or other feed when directed to do so.

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Having worked with many teams of fantastic crew, talent and agencies we are more than happy to recommend other freelance event professionals that your production may require.

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