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Me, myself and I

By June 6, 2018June 10th, 2018Events

Me, myself and I

I thought I would write a little blog for those of you that might like to know a little more about me. My name is Katie, I am fast approaching the big 30 and was born and raised in Surrey. Those of you that already know me may gasp at this, alas it is true. I was educated at an all girls convent school! Once the nuns were finished with me I went off to college but was much more interested in getting to work and earning some money so quickly began working in the family business – delivering great events.

Many of you will know my beautiful mother dearest, Tess, or Townsend Senior as the industry has come to call her. She is also a fantastic show caller who taught me everything I know. Her seemingly ‘glamorous’ job of traipsing all over the world to call shows in beautiful venues and cities looked like the perfect plan to me so in her footsteps I swiftly followed. (Thanks Mum!) Check her out at

My father was a musician come set builder and, most importantly, my best friend. He has unfortunately gone and died now (how selfish!) but his melody lives on.

I have settled in leafy Cobham where I spend my free time stretching out my sins on a pilates reformer and borrowing other people’s dogs while I try to figure out how I can manage my own with the demands of this job. Any ideas welcome.

I truly believe in the concept that you should work to live and not live to work. I love what I do so am happy to work my nuts of but always strive to make sure that my team enjoy the job as much as possible. Working in dark corners of an overly air conditioned conference room for hours on end can take it’s toll. I will treat the crew with the same respect as the client. They are the ones making the magic happen after all.

My experience has taught me that a calm nature and dynamic response is key to pulling off a successful event. These skills, balanced with educated and experienced recommendations to the client and last minute change management help me to execute an event with minimal stress and optimum impact (Well…I haven’t had any complaints yet)